Saturday, September 13, 2014


Big day for football in the state of Iowa today.  The line is still at the Hawks giving 12 and 1/2.  Hawks win.  Don't cover.

I hope the politicians stay away from any debate on whether the two schools should continue to play this game every year.  I mean, why wouldn't you want this game?  Oh.  I forget .  It makes sense to play. 

ND is playing Purdue in Indianapolis and giving 29.  I'm thinking that will be hard to cover as well. 

As 4 noted on Twitter yesterday, ESPN Game Day is set up today in Fargo, North Dakota.  This recognition is due largely to the Bison's success against upscale competition.  Including Iowa State and Minnesota.  The prevailing logic for the future for any of the power conference schools looking for a nice pre-conference game is DON'T schedule North Dakota State!

Speaking of logic, how is it that every investigative reporter in the world is looking into every crevice and under every rug as to what Roger Goodell knew or didn't know at various points on the Ray Rice time line, but can't bother with routine follow-up on the l-o-n-g list of White House mis-speaks or mis-rememberings?  Fergasun, Missouri.  Michael Samm.  Gotta have the right perspective in our mass-media culture.

It was in the high 30's here this AM.  I'm okay with that.  My pal Pete and I will do the DeWitt Ride in the morning, and that will likely be one of my last rides of the season.  Darkness.  Cold.  Low-hanging sun.  All dis-incentives for a less-than-motivated cyclist.

I signed and dated a lot of tax returns yesterday.  I'm amazed that I always remember the date...9-12.  For a guy who has a history of not remembering dates.  High school girlfriend's birthday.  Pancreatic cancer victim a couple years back.

Views from the past!

Make it a great weekend in your neighborhood.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I got an email overnight that @isuckatgolf is now following me on Twitter.  What that means is that there is an Internet auto-bot out there scrolling for the phrase, "I suck at golf", which I included in a tweet on Sunday.  You are never below radar.  Remember that.

Speaking of trolls watching everything, some Fox and Friends hosts got in trouble with an off-hand comment casually thrown out to summarize the Ray Rice disaster.  "Take the stairs."  Neither the public, the press nor the feminist activists saw any humor in that comment.  Goes to show, there's usually no upside to any gratuitous aside on any issue of controversy.

Could Goodell lose his job over this one?

3 and 3.1 are Couple of the Day.  Here they are in a nice shot on Wally Day at South Shore in Lake Tahoe.

We've had some serious rain this week.  Probably somewhere in the area of 3-5 inches.  The storm on Monday night got so loud and close that I considered going to the basement for safety.  There were a couple of thunder caps that had to have originated on my roof.  Needless to say, my sleep pattern was totally messed-up and work yesterday was a bear.  Ya gotta get your sleep.

Speaking of rain, this wasn't the best week to be in Phoenix.  Here you have water over I-10.  They don't have the drainage for rain, so when it comes in, flooding is common when they do have a storm.  Of course, there are real brain surgeons driving those cars that think they can get through a little water over the road.

Some key questions of the day:

1. How many viewing parties are being organized for the Big O's speech tonight?
2. Why are they having a FIBA basketball tournament?
3. Why are they sending NBA players to the FIBA tournament?
4. At $350 a copy, how many Apple watches will be sold in year 1?
5. Anyone care to go to Indy to watch ND-Purdue?  Why?

This has been a big week historically for Iowa and Iowa State football.  Not sure for this year.  Iowa has struggled to two wins.  The 'Clones are 0-2.  The game is in IC, so I'm going with the home team.  The line in Vegas is the Hawks giving 10 and 1/2.  I say they win, but won't cover.

All for today.  What day is it 3?


Sunday, September 07, 2014


Yeah, the weekend has been vapor.  Really not looking forward all that much to the next eight days.  September 15th is the extended due date for 2013 entity returns (corporations, partnerships, and trusts).  I have way too many to get out the door.

The MCSC was a big hit on Friday night.  I had declined an invitation to meet friends at Bass Steet in Moline (1/2 price wine there on Friday nights), but offered up that the MCSC might still be open if they wanted to check in on their way home.  Well, they did, and came over, and brought another couple (who I also know well).  So we ended up doing some damage to the Total Wine inventory.  Really a fun night.  (Those un-planned parties often are the best.)

The primary reason that I wasn't all that excited about a Friday evening "out", was that I knew I was scheduled for a road trip on Saturday evening.  My pal Roy had invited me to join a small group he had organized to go over to Des Moines for dinner.  Roy's wife Pat's daughter Emily and her husband are involved with an Italian place called the Cosi Cucina in West Des Moines.  The restaurant had closed last spring and this was a Grand Re-Opening of a sort.  So Roy being Roy, he wanted to show familial support.  Ergo, Road Trip!!

Of course, this would be a road trip by air.  Bring on the King Air 350.  It comfortably seats eight adults, along with spots for two pilots (we had one).  Four of us boarded at the Davenport airport where the plane is stationed, and then it was a short 12 minute flight down to Muscatine to pick up Roy and Pat and another couple.  Flight time to Des Moines was 35 minutes.  Roy had arranged for a limo-mini-bus (seating for 12) for the 15-20 minute ride from DSM to the restaurant.

Dinner was a hoot.  Food was above-average to very good.  The wine list wasn't bad...and we had brought in several bottles from Roy's cellar to boot.  The trip home was an exact inverse of the trip over.  Back on Maplecrest by 10:30.  Not quite the opera in San Fran a la Pretty Woman, but not bad for Iowa. 

One task the my pal Ron and I had to take care of this morning before heading down to Muskie for golf was rescuing his mother-in-law's car from the towing impound lot.  He and wife Jane and others had attended the QC Symphony concert in the park last night.  He had bragged on Friday night how he had the "perfect" parking spot for the is an annual event that attracts thousands each year and he had been using this one spot for the last several years.  Ron was almost giddy with his little secret spot.  But Murphy lives.  Last night when they returned after the car!!

Car Dead Call Fred has the city's towing contract, so that's where we had to go this AM.  They wouldn't take a check, debit card or credit card.  Cash only.  $202.  We had to pool our resources to get the car.  Ron is still grousing over the whole deal.  I'm betting that he'll remember this year's concert for a long time, and it will have nothing to do with the music.

Moving on...

I admit to what many of you may have suspected...I miss having 2 and The Winniferous around.  Its a little odd not having them stop over for some wine on the driveway or a little BBQ. 

Glad that the Hawks pulled out a win yesterday.  Not much of a statement day for the Big 10.  With Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State all losing (as well as Northwestern and Purdue...both to Directional U's), a spot in the 4-team NCAA play-off doesn't seem likely.

Finally, did you see where the NCAA considered Geno Auriemma committed a recruiting violation when he made the congratulatory phone call to the 13-year old girl pitcher (Mo'ne Davis who also made the cover of SI)  in the Little League World Series?  How absurd can the NCAA make itself?  And how deep does the dislike for Geno and UConn go among the competition?  I'm betting that the school who filed the complaint won't be raising their hand to take credit any time soon.

And relatedly, the SI Cover Curse has legs.

OK.  All for tonight.  Hope everyone has a good week.


Thursday, September 04, 2014


Yeah, that Monday posting of pictures was done on Tuesday.  Sometimer's again.

So the weekend was all good.  Can't decide if the highlight was the Hawk's win, the wonders of 1.01 and 1.02, or my three-case visit to Total Wine.  Not a bad trifecta to choose from.

The pics posted "Tuesday" were all on my iPhone so I just did the entry with the BlogPress app while I was at 2nd Coffee.  You can't adjust/amend a BlogPress entry through the desktop/laptop formats, so I just never got back here to fill in the blanks.

I've had the BEATER for what, 10 years or so?  Sounds about right.  I noticed on the radio this morning that the FM function has two sets of possible selected stations for the six numbered buttons that you have on the face of the radio.  When selecting FM, you get the first six, and then if you hit the FM selector again, you get a second set.  A little "1" or "2" appears beside the digital "FM" sign at the side of the display bar.  Never noticed the distinction before.  How much more of life has passed me by?

3 gave me instructions yesterday to get the emoticon keyboard on my phone.  Taking a pass on that one.  I see nothing masculine in that action.

My book-on-tape for the weekend, Marine One by a guy named James Huston, was okay to listen to, but in a post-mortem analysis, the conclusion of the novel again illustrated an author's challenge to make all of his/her story lines relevant.  In this case, there were wide swaths of the book that were nothing but "filler pages", and he left out some key points of character development for the protagonist.  I kept asking myself, "Why isn't he telling us more about his wife and kids?"  And his time line was often like the old Notre Dame football replays on Sunday mornings when the overlay announcers would say, "And now later in the game..." when it was convenient to skip some actual-game time to fit the broadcast into the allotted TV replay time.

So don't go rushing to the library to check this one out for a riveting experience.

Another note somewhat related to my trip...I think I may have to look at replacing the Buick within the next year.  I mean, we're talking about a 2007 model year.  The tires are ready for replacement...over a grand there...the front-end suspension is on its last legs...and mileage is approaching 120K.  Not really sure of my options as the Lucerne is no longer in production, and it just doesn't look like Buick or Chevy are making many 8-cylinder sedans.  And I hate calling the car guy as once you show any interest in making a change, the full-court press on getting you into a new (or new-used) car starts immediately.

The entertainment news on the hacking of compromising personal photos of some attractive celebrities is the latest example of the intersection of social media and the economy.  While revealing pics of Kate Upton generates some Internet buzz, the collateral effect on Apple, as a result of the associated iCloud involvement, sent Apple stock down over 4% yesterday, and it is negative in the pre-market today.  We're talking billions of dollars of market capitalization evaporating yesterday due to some hackers looking for some skin.

All for today.  The weekend for 4.  Another day in Ordinary Time for the rest of us.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Weekend pic's


More later.


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Friday, August 29, 2014


The Friday before the three-day Labor Day weekend tends to be something less than the most productive day of the Summer.  I really need to get a couple things done to lessen the worry on the trip to Harvest Path.  But ya gotta Live Like You Were Dyin'.  (LLYWD is a new official acronym for the blog.)

I was reminded this week of a small reality of our life on the farm in the old house.  We never had potable (drinkable) water in that house.  The running water was from a cistern near the house that was filled by either runoff water from the house, ground seepage or trucked-in water from a hauling service.  (Keeping in mind that a cistern is distinguished from a well that taps into groundwater or the aquifer.)

For all of our years in the old house (that I can remember), for drinking and cooking purposes, we had a 10-gallon milk can that we filled at the gas station in town 2-3 times a week.  There was a 2-3 gallon metal water bucket on the sink in the kitchen that was refilled as needed that had a community dipper for every one's use!  (That was obviously before my germaphobe stage!)  I don't think that is was until the "new" house was built in the mid '70's that there was drinkable water from a faucet on the farm.

(Speaking of water,  another example of our "country" living on the farm was the absence of hot water from the tap in the house.  We actually had hot water in the barn several years before a hot water heater was acquired for the house.  The milk inspectors required hot water for washing and rinsing the milking machines, so Daddy got a water heater for the barn to comply with Grade A milk rules.  It must have been an electric heater because I can't remember an LP gas tank near the barn.)

So we have football season off and running.  Even our local high school teams began play last night.  I struggle with mustering much enthusiasm for it.  (Yes, I am going to Iowa City to see the Hawkeyes tomorrow, but that is happening mostly because of the invitation from my pal Dr. Doug.)  Between the colleges playing games on Thursday nights as well as Friday and Saturday, and the NFL playing Sunday, Monday and now Thursday, there's way too many games for a person to track.  I now recognize the names of fewer and fewer players, I can't keep conference members straight, and which TV channel is broadcasting which game is a mystery.  Classic country radio on DirecTV channel 808 is my go-to option.  Bring on the crossword!

Just putting out here some of the older pics on my computer for a not-so-far-back TBF.

Hope it is a good weekend for all in the Peanut Gallery.

Maybe some from the road in Minny.